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Besides writing, Ryan also is a musician, avid concert goer and film fanatic. In his spare time, he volunteers in the community as well as at his church and has gone on several missions trips, including one to New Orleans where he built houses. He also loves Star Wars, Chipotle, Husker football and Mountain Dew. He is obviously single and currently resides in Lincoln, NE.


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Written by a natural storyteller, Not Quite Love is simply awesome. It will make you laugh, cry and contemplate many things in life. It was a quick, entertaining read that I would highly recommend to anyone. Kristin
His book was great! Raw and honest from the get-go. Ryan's comedic writing had me laughing out loud, and it made for a quick read! Emily
The storytelling in the book made me want to keep reading, and the comedic relief was really entertaining! Great read! Anonymous


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From being cheated on, to being called unattractive, from fighting off the temptation to go too far, to connecting on all levels with someone except romantically and worst of all, never escaping the dreaded "friend zone"! Join one man's quest to see if there really is "someone for everyone" and if so, will he ever find her?

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Available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats. Audible version coming soon!


Feel free to email Ryan with any questions or comments on the book.